July 24, 2015 1 min to read

7 Days in Digos

Category : Healing, Outreach, Prophetic

Things in the kingdom just work differently sometimes… It’s all about listen and obey.

We are finally going to be able to do our seven day outreach beginning on July 26th. Please be in prayer for this. The city is about 2 hours from us. We are stepping out in faith and obedience in this. God will do great things in this city! We have rented an outdoor covered basketball court. The goal of this outreach is to bless and impact the city of Digos with God’s love and presence through worship, prophecy, prophetic art, preaching, signs, wonders and miracles. To preach the Gospel – the “Good News,” heal the sick, and set the captives free! To see the Kingdom of God come and to make Jesus famous!

Partner with heaven; Find out what is on His heart and do it!

Don’ttry to understand or figure out all the answers first. Trust. He is faithful. God is good. He is for us! We can’t lose. We can only win!

This is something that has been burning in our hearts since 2010, and we feel like now is the right time. We are excited to see what God is going to do there. I can already “see it” and “feel it.” Revival is coming to Digos City! I don’t have all the answers, I just know He said, “Go!” So we will go. He said “7 Days.” So we will begin with what we have and what we know. Life with God is never boring! It is a grand adventure. Good things await those who’s trust and hope is in God.

I’m sharing all this with you in the hopes that you will join with us in prayer for “a city.” God’s heart is for entire cities to come to Him and know Him. I don’t know why God has chosen Digos, and I don’t know why God has chosen us, but I know that He has! 🙂

We truly appreciate each one of you and your partnership with us! Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support that allows us to release the Kingdom of God here in the Philippines!

Eternally grateful,

Josh & Brandie

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