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A rainbow, a pearl ring, and a beautiful island

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A rainbow, a pearl ring, and a beautiful island

I came inside the prayer room expecting that God would heal me inside, not knowing that He has already something much more beautiful for me – He was ready to walk with me, to show me what He has in store for me.

As Brandie & Josh prayed for me…I strongly felt that He was right beside me, with His arms around me, smiling at me, as if He’s ready to bring me to a journey. Jesus took my hand to climb on a rainbow going up to the Father. There were unicorns going around and I felt like a little princess holding Jesus’s hand. We walked up to the Father, and as we came up, I couldn’t see the Father’s head. But as we continued to pray, I came to saw His face, glowing with a huge smile as He was sitting in His golden majestic throne. The Father and Jesus were beside each other, giving me such a beautiful smile that I couldn’t explain.

As Jesus held my hand, He gave me a gift. I was expecting it to be wrapped in a box; but as He opened His hands, I saw a beautiful shell. As I was looking at this shell, it slowly opened up and there I saw the most beautiful ring with a huge pearl with metallic silver swirls around it. It was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and that is exactly the wedding ring that I so desired. Then as I smiled at the ring in happiness, I looked at Jesus. I wanted to cry at that moment. I saw Jesus kneeling before me, as if He was proposing to me in purity. I hugged Him in joy and I could never forget that moment that I had with Jesus. I felt so near to His heart. From a far I could see the Father smiling at us, as if we were His little kids that He enjoyed looking at. I was deeply in love.

As we continued to pray, we looked for the Holy Spirit. At first it was dark, but as we prayed over the darkness in my head I saw a wall. A HUGE thick wall. One fourths was light and three fourths was darkness with gremlins and corpse brides. As I zoomed in the one fourths, I saw the light pushing the wall. As we prayed for the wall, instantly it broke down and the light turned the darkness, gremlins & corpse brides into beautiful colorful stones and flowers. I felt so free at that moment and for the first time, I saw the Holy Spirit in a feminine form. I saw Her smile, I saw Her serenity, I saw her finesse. She was so glad to see me and she was over flowing with happiness. She showed me that when I was happy, the Holy Spirit was rejoicing with me, dancing in the spirit, and when I was sad, the Holy Spirit was catching every tear as she cried as well. I have never felt so close to the Holy Spirit. I have neglect the Holy Spirit for years not knowing that She was the closest to me. The Holy Spirit has never left my side.

As I cried in happiness of that truth, Brandie and Josh asked me if I can see a garden. I just beamed out a huge smile and said that I see a HUGE island! With a beautiful lake in the middle; The island had so many unique plants that I have never seen before, so many flowers, and the lake was a complete beauty, it was transparent as a glass and cool as the winter winds. It was magnificent. Beautiful and breathtaking; The Holy Spirit and I drank from the water and we both swam and danced in the water. It was the most relaxing feeling that I have had in my whole life. We flew up and saw the entire island. It was beautiful. She was so proud of showing it to me as if she was saying that this was our place of communion. It was our sacred place, our place of solemnity and sweetness and joy. I felt like I was baptized by the Holy Spirit once again. And what came out of the waters of my tummy was laughter. I am filled with joy and I believe this is the gift that the Holy Spirit has given me and I feel like I should share this abundant water and just shower it to people. 🙂

This spiritual journey has brought me closer to The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I felt like the Father was the ultimate Father of all, the best daddy and the best protector of my life. Jesus is the best brother, and I could always see Him hugging me, encouraging me, loving me, smiling at me. And the best of all, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is my best friend, my guide, my partner, my deepest connection to the Father and the Son. I have never felt so close to the Holy Spirit than this. I am so in love with them all. I love them so much and this journey has helped me see how alive they are to me and how active they are in my life. It’s simply breathtaking. A journey that I surely would never forget; A rainbow, a pearl ring, and a beautiful island. What more can I ask? : ) I’m simply in awe.