Our Mission & Vision

Loving People into their Destiny
Through Encounters with God.
Changing our World
One Heart at a Time.

Preach the gospel, heal the sick, set the captives free! This is our assignment! Our heart and passion is to see the sons and daughters of God awaken to His goodness and love. We long to see the current revival continue to expand, increase and spread like wildfire throughout Asia! We love to see Papa God heal broken bodies, minds, and hearts. We love to teach, train and equip the hungry. We want to pour our lives out to those who want MORE of God. We are passionate about working with youth and adults. Our desire is to be a mother and father to the orphaned, outcast and those trapped in the sex-trade.

We are raising up teams that will awaken Filipinos to who God truly is through supernatural healing, joy, signs and wonders, and kingdom creativity throughout the land. Our mission is to set the hearts of the Filipino people on fire with the LOVE of Jesus and release them to the nations. We minister to leaders conferences, open-air crusades, the poor, and governmental leaders. We  travel throughout the Philippines where there is a hunger for God. We will have a opportunities to rescue women and young girls from sex trafficking, minister inner-healing, provide a “safe-place” for them to heal, and give them a second chance in life!

Our heart is to love people into their destiny through encounters with God, to reach out to the forgotten ones and give them the love and family they deserve. We seek to build churches, orphanages, safe-houses, and training centers to equip and empower people to walk in the supernatural power of God! We want to see broken hearts and lives healed, restored and equipped to be sent out to the nations!

We will begin in the Philippines, but we have a heart to eventually expand to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Africa! This is our vision!