Why Philippines Lord? Why Davao? Why us? Why now?

Recently Dr James Horvath shared a prophetic word/vision over the Philippines. He said he saw a vision of every nation all represented as dominoes. They were all in a line, all 190+ of them. Then the lord showed him the very FIRST domino was the Philippines! God showed him that once the Philippines breaks out in revival it will affect every other nation after it. The Philippines is the NUMBER 1 exporter of PEOPLE! Filipinos are highly adaptable to any culture, to any nation! The Philippines has been called “the gateway to all of Asia” and it is true!

In 2001 Cindy Jacobs prophesied over the Philippines and specifically said that the revival in the Philippines will begin in Mindanao (our island). We have had several words / visions about God using us to start small fires throughout Mindanao and seeing those small fires combine into one large flame that overtakes the nation!

Now here is the crazy part:

The new president of the Philippines is from our city – Davao! This is the first time a president has ever been elected from the south (Mindanao). He is about to sweep clean much of the corruption of this nation. All the eyes of the Philippines (and the world for that matter) are now on Davao! God is doing something big!

So here we are in what will be the very heart, the birthplace of the revival of Asia which will then in turn affect the globe! God has a way of putting the right people in the right places at the right time.

He calls who He needs.

When we received the word from God calling us here to the Philippines in 2012, we didn’t have all the answers. All we knew was that he said “You are going back to the Philippines!” We knew we were called to Davao City (Mindanao), even though any connections we had were in Manila.

God has given us a vision for Davao!

Now things are becoming so much clearer! It has been a very incredible journey so far! There have been challenging times, financially, emotionally, physically, but the Lord has sustained us. He has been faithful to us!

A few months back we received a prophetic word that we are entering our season of fruitfulness! That we will begin to bear fruit (in every way). We are now seeing it come to pass!