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Meet Kevin (right).

Kevin walks about 3 miles to get to school each day. He carries all of his school supplies with him. Some of his friends use a plastic bag to carry their stuff, and some of them even get to ride a horse to school. But most of them, like Kevin, walk.

Meet our good friend, Ma Wie.


We met Ma Wie when we first came to the Philippines in 2010. He has such a passionate heart for God. He is a teacher, a worshipper, a world changer. He is getting ready to go on a missions trip to minister to these far off tribal children and youth. You can’t get there by car. You can’t even get there by motorcycle! The only way for him to get there (other than a helicopter) is to take a 9 hour walk into the mountains in the blistering heat through rivers and thick jungle. This will be his fourth time going to minister to these people. Each year Ma Wie goes, and each year he tries to find out what these young kids really need. This year God has laid it on his heart to purchase backpacks. He really wants to be able to give backpacks to these kids. They cost about 400 pesos each or $10. We believe in Ma Wie and what he is doing. So we are looking for people to help us sponsor him and raise the funds that he needs. Click here to give towards this. Thank you!


(Update August 2013)


It was a great success a great success!

Thank you to those who gave to support us in giving backpacks and school supplies! With your help we were able to give out much needed backpacks & school supplies to hundreds of children from surrounding tribes! Thank you!


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    Replydiane thompson July 11, 2013

    so glad you are meeting people like yourselves-nothing is too hard for God.