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BSSM Philippines 2010

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A few testimonies from our Philippines trip in 2010:

3/3/10 – Wednesday
Man walking with a cane. Man’s knee was healed in San Francisco Airport while waiting for Ann-Cherise’s passport clearance. Ann-Cherise was able to come to the Philippines with less than 6 mo until expiration.

3/4/10- Thursday
Prayed for a teenage girl at Hong Kong Airport – her leg grew out!

3/5/10 – Friday
Healing broke out at the Mall:
We prayed for an older man in a wheelchair. As God was healing him a crowd began to gather. God healed his lung/breathing problems, blurriness in his left eye, and his back. God gave him the strength to stand and walk! This was the first time he had been out of his house in a long time. Word of knowledge was given for arthritis – two ladies were healed of arthritis all over their bodies.  A young man was healed of blurry vision.

3/6/10- Saturday
First conference at Church So Blessed:
AM Conference – Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and the Joy of the Lord
Prayed for young man Jude – overcome with the power of God
Prayed for woman – Dolce – overcome with the power of God

City Outreach with Church So Blessed @ the Park:
Took about 20-30 people on treasure hunts. Many found their treasures.
Prayed for a woman with sadness (treasure). God brought her joy.
Prayed for a man who gave his heart to God (treasure).

CSB Team member found her treasure – woman with pain and partial paralysis. She had 2 strokes and heart problems.  She was unable to walk on her own. God took away all her pain and healed her heart physically and emotionally. She was filled with joy and was dancing in the street!

Asked if the lady working in the little shop in the park if she had back pain. She told me that the lady in the other shop next to her had lots of back pain. So she came out, I asked if I could pray for her to be healed, and she said yes. All the pain left, and she was very grateful.Her friend came and asked if I could pray for her as well, she had pain in the shoulders, and she was healed too.

Many were filled and overcome by the power of God in the street!

Crazy party and fire tunnel back at CSB – Worship team was on the floor!

3/7/10 – Sunday
Healing Crusade in Laguna @ Wisdom Church
Gave out words of knowledge for healing (est 100 people were healed in their seats!)
Tumor shrank in young child’s throat
Eyesight healed

Mini SOZO – Woman healed of anxiety and paranoia
Man with skin disease (whom no one wanted to touch) was given a prophetic art piece of dead skin Cells being struck by God’s power and love, and growing new cells. Immediately after explaining the art to him and touching his diseased hands, his hands changed color and texture. He could make a fist and move and wiggle his toes. Apparently, he hasn’t been able to do that for a very long time. He was crying and just shocked at God’s love for him.
Prayed for a girl with pain in her ears, she was healed.
Prayed for a mom, with stomach pain, she was healed.
Stomach and back pain healed
Man with cerebral palsy began the process of healing

3/9/10 – Tuesday
Prophetic Journey Part #1 – Mountaintop
Prayed for a man who stopped on his motorcycle – Healed of chronic back pain and emotional healing.
Prayed for a local brush clearing worker (man). He was with a team of men clearing brush with machetes. He was deaf in both ears and mute. God opened one of his ears. We told him to say “Jesus.” He heard us and said “Jesus.” We told him to keep saying it – then he SAID, “Jesus” and “I can’t speak.” in Visayan. He was quite shocked at what God did!

Prophetic Journey Part #2 – In the City
Healing broke out in the City park. We began inviting people for healing and calling out words of knowledge. People were healed of kidney problems, UTI, ankle pain, deafness, eye problems, arthritis, back pain, dizziness, a leg grew out, and many more.
Prayed for a lady with pain in her stomach, and pain in her leg, all the pain left.
Prayed for a lady who had pain from her lower back down to the heel of her right leg. Had surgery in her right hip that never recovered. Had pain from her hip to her head. Had deafness in right ear. Pain in her shoulder. God healed her. No pain. Ear healed.
Began to do art, and attracted small group of kids. Drew prophetic pictures for 2 kids, and ended up leading a little Catholic boy in an encounter, and He heard God say he loved him. He then got pulled into pray with our group for healing, and the man he was praying with felt something when the boy prayed!

3/10/10 – Wednesday
Davao Medical Center (Hospital):
We stood outside the hospital giving words of knowledge for healing
We saw many healings – 3 UTI’s healed, a stomach tumor disappeared, a woman was healed of lung/breathing issues, several eyes were healed, plus many more
Many people felt the “COLD” of God’s presence
Prayed for a Muslim family’s child with severe eye problem (His eye was literally outside of his socket) As we prayed (through 2 interpreters) we felt that God wanted to heal the child through his parents. The grandma and sister felt the presence of God so strong. They gave their heart to the Lord. One of the Muslims also had a vision of Jesus.

His Mission Youth Service:
Many youth were filled and overcome with the power of the Holy Spirit
Prayed for a woman with a half of a leg.  She asked for prayer for her back. I told her that we will pray for her back as long as we can pray for her leg too. Her back pain left immediately. She felt hot in her chest and torso. She also felt electricity sensation in her amputated leg.

3/11/10 – Thursday
Global Impact Team Ministry:
Prayed and prophesied over global impact team
Lots of great prophetic words. Mimi was flooded with the joy of the Lord – she was out and  laughing for about 2 hours!

3/12/10 – Friday
Digos Hospital #1:
Did prophetic art before going to the hospital.
Found 3 of the pictures that were drawn:
1)A woman with a rash and stomach pain was healed
2)A little girl with fever and breathing problems was healed
3)A man in a wheelchair was healed and was able to stand and walk
Also a man who had a metal plate in his leg was depressed and had severe pain in his leg and was unable to move his leg. God took all the pain. Gave him joy. He was able to move his leg and walk up and down the hall with no pain. Nurses who knew he could not walk witnessed him walk and were amazed.

3/13/10 – Saturday
Training with Life Ministries Staff:
Prayed for the staff of Life Ministries Church – overcome with the power of the Holy Spirit, the pastor and his staff were on the floor and/or weeping.

Prophetic Journey in the city of Digos:
Prayer walk and prophetic art for the city:
A man’s eyes were healed from one of the pieces of prophetic art that was painted
Prayed for a tarot card/palm reader – He felt the presence of God and gave his life to Christ. A man holding a Jehovah’s witness track was healed of mental problems as we worshiped around him. Pastor Ezekiel – one of the pastors – was healed of 2 years of chronic stomach pain from appendicitis. Several people were healed from emotional pain.

Prophetic Carnival in the park:
– all children and youth in the park – we did face painting, balloons, art, worship, treasure hunts. About 5 of the staff from the church found their treasures.

Digos Hospital #2:
Prayed for a woman who had just had a stroke 2 days prior. She had lost all feeling and movement on the right side of her body. While praying she regained feeling in her right arm. She regained movement and feeling in her right leg, and was able to stand without dizziness and take a few steps!

3/14/10 – Sunday
Life Ministries Church (Digos):
Early bird service – training and activation for Church Staff
Second service – Did prophetic art during worship, activated worship leader in prophetic song, words of knowledge for healing. God healed stomach pain, vision problems, chest pain left, pneumonia, and chronic cough healed. Many people encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time.