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Davao School of Supernatural Ministry

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Hello! We have some exciting things to share with you in this update! So much has happened since we got back from the USA. It was quite a rough furlough for us. A few people had said, “Oh, how nice to go on vacation!”. Not. Vacation. Haha!

It all started a few hours before our flight out of Manila, we got robbed and Brandie’s purse was stolen. We went back to not feeling rested, to non-stop travelling, to my(Brandie’s) grandmother passing away, and then to my mom fracturing a vertebrae in her neck from falling down the stairs. It was such an insane trip. But even in the midst of it all we saw God’s goodness as He worked through His people to restore what was stolen from us.

One of the highlights of the trip is that we got to go back to Alaska! We felt that God told us to go back there, but we had no idea how to make this happen, but God did it. Alaska is where we met and got married. Both of us spent a good amount of our junior high and high school days there. We went back to the church where both of us were saved, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. We reconnected with our spiritual roots. It felt like family again. God is building special relationships and connections there and there will be a team coming this year from Alaska!


Joshua Jr. had his fourth birthday last October! He is learning so much. He truly loves music and making music. His favorite is playing the drums. He has rhythm inside of him that he is trying to release. He is passionate about his brother and loves to try to snuggle with him any chance he gets. He loves doing crafts, reading books, and any type of school work. He is such and amazing big brother. He loves to read his bible stories and every once in a while he will tell me his versions of the bible stories we read together. He is a strong, compassionate, thoughtful little man! He will be officially starting homeschooling very soon.

Jonathan is growing up right behind his brother. He will be two years old in April. He is about a head shorter than his kuya (older brother). He’s been getting in his last set of molars and is trying to master how to brush his teeth on his own. He is such a dancer! When music is on, he just has to move. He carries such a peace that releases joy into our lives. He loves to play with his big brother and sometimes they even get to wrestling a bit. Daddy loves to wrestle with them, and they love to tackle Mommy and jump on her too! It is a joy to be a parent and watch our boys grow up, learn, explore, and relate to the culture around us.


This past October we started our ‘pilot program’ for DSSM (Davao School of Supernatural Ministry). It has been such a glorious time of hearts being opened up, beauty being revealed, and weeding of the gardens of our hearts. God is so gracious and kind. He will let us keep any thought pattern or way of living if we chose it. But, the closer we get to Him, the more brave we become. Suddenly, we don’t mind stepping into the unknown because we know that He has something WAY better on the other side of it. We throw our fear to the wind and jump into the depths of His goodness and security.

Trust. It has always been about trust.Will I trust His words, promises, and voice beyond anyone else’s?

While we have been doing school, we have been reaching out to our city with the students and have been seeing God move! This is our favorite time! I love how God loves people. People are so precious to Him. I believe each person shines a different aspect of God that no one else has.

***Testimony Time***

One big testimony is that we have been feeling the atmosphere shift wherever we go. The hopelessness, depression, and fear are completely removed from the places that we have been ministering in. Some of the ladies we minister to on the streets (prostitutes) have their hearts wide open and are drinking in deep the words and love that we have been bringing just for them. Each week they seem to let down their guard and really open up to us. On this particular night several women were healed. These two women just encountered the love of God and gave their hearts to Jesus! We savor these moments and pray for more of them.


While we were away, Destiny house had some difficult times. There were many floods along with other difficulties. The flooding created a very unsafe environment. Due to this and lack of funding, we have had to temporarily close down Destiny House. We want the next Destiny House to be in a flood-free zone. We have not yet found a place yet to reopen. I believe this next Destiny house will be a house for just women. We are surrounded right now with more women than men, poor Josh! Haha. We feel like it is important to create safety for women to be built up and strengthen in a family style set up. I see other women coming into that environment and being healed emotionally through that. We know that there is another place that will open up for Destiny House 2.0!  So, pray for us that we find a place close to church, safe from flooding, little rent (or free rent), and the right people to help steward the hearts that will be in the house.


We have another really exciting testimony of God’s goodness!

God gave us a bus!

We have been using our old broken down car to transport our feeding program children to Life Church every week, doing multiple trips to accommodate the amount children we have. We were overwhelmed by love and excitement for us and for the children. Everything works great except the air-con. A major necessity here.

We are looking forward to fixing the air conditioning system so that we can take the bus on missions trips and road trips with our DSSM students and visiting missions teams. This coming April will be our first missions trip as DSSM! We want to keep this particular trip on our island, the island of Mindanao. We feel strongly to pour into our nation and the cities surrounding us.

Would you continue to pray for our trip and for those that we’ll be reaching out to? It means so much knowing that we are not alone, and that we are surrounded and covered by you. It is fast approaching and we look forward to releasing what God has been doing inside of us and our students at DSSM to this nation. We look forward to demonstrating God’s love in healing, prophecy, prayer, creativity, and outreach. We look forward to using any means necessary to communicate the ravishing love that our Father has for every soul on earth.


We are plowing, taking ground in the spirit, and advancing His kingdom. The devil is not happy about it. When he is not happy, that makes me happy. Haha! However, we have been facing a tremendous amount of spiritual attack since starting the school, but we are persevering by God’s grace. We covet your prayers and support during this season of transition and growth. Thank you for partnering with us on this incredible journey!

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