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Feeding Program – Life Church

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We are so excited to announce that we have now started our Life Church Feeding Program!

So we had our very first feeding outreach on Saturday and we had almost 100 kids! Wow!

As we approached the uncovered basketball court, I saw the kids. They were all sitting down on some benches that were provided by the barangay (neighborhood) mortuary. They were all patiently waiting for us to arrive. So we unloaded and began interacting with the kids. I saw them all watching us, curiosity stirring in them. First, we started off with singing some worship songs in Visayan language, then we started sharing the good news with them. So there was worship, games, teaching activity and of course – food! We fed them spiritually, and then physically. I look forward to seeing these kids grow in the Lord and become something wonderful.

I see hope inside of them.
We long to see children change their environment, culture, heritage, and families.

When I first arrived to meet the kids, I was overtaken with love for each child.

These are the ones who can change everything! They can change their homes, barangay (neighborhood), city, and nation! I see a generation awakening to the Spirit of God, and releasing heaven everywhere around them. I see them shifting the way they view everything they have and all that they are. They are so loved by God! I see them serving the city to bring not only supernatural revival, but a city-wide natural revival. I see the children caring for not only themselves, and others, but their homes, families, streets, businesses, and city.

Through this feeding program we are looking forward to helping them see themselves as God sees them. We want to teach them to value everyone and everything they have. We will see them thrive in opportunities, become leaders, and be directed by the voice and heart of God. Our desire is to empower them to know they have a good destiny, their lives are important and valuable, and they do not have to walk the path that society says they are to walk. We know they can and will walk in dignity, destiny, power, and freedom. They will be empowered to be brave and strong. These kids are not victims. They can change things!

The kids really enjoyed their time with our team.

The team did such a great job!

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of one of our Four Key Areas of vision that the Lord has given us. Now we are looking forward to seeing how the Lord continues to develop this Feeding Program.

In conclusion, I believe that God is going to provide the finances to feed 50 or more kids on a regular basis every week. So we are now compiling a list to prioritize those who need it the most. Our goal is to raise support by having individuals or businesses sponsor a child or children. Right now we are paying out of our own pocket for this because we believe in what God is doing through this ministry.

Would you consider partnering with us and sponsoring one or more children?


Josh & Brandie Wilson

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