Training Center

Davao School of Supernatural Ministry

Now it is our desire, more than that, it is our God-given assignment to start a School of Supernatural Ministry here in Davao. The Philippines is among the top missionary sending nations in the world, second only to the United States! First of all, I remember asking the Lord, does Davao really need another church?? He said, “Yes!” So we started Life Church Davao! Now there are already a few Bible Schools here in Davao. So I asked the Lord, “Does Davao really need another school of ministry?” Guess what He said? You guessed it. “YES!” He said “we have something really special and unique that this nation needs! Something that will be taken from the Philippines and spread to the ends of the earth!” Not only that, but there have been multiple prophetic words over Mindanao and Davao about being an “Apostolic Hub” that sends Filipinos to the nations!

This is a big dream of ours.

So we are needing as much help as possible in this HUGE assignment. We are very excited and have begun the process of building a foundation for a School of Supernatural Ministry here in Davao! This will require a lot of prayer, finances, resources, and people to make this happen. The total startup cost for the first and second year is estimated to be $15-20,000!

Nothing is impossible with God! Where God guides, God provides! Is God calling you or someone that you know to help us lay the groundwork for a ministry school here in Davao Philippines? You can be a part of this by giving your time, talent and treasure and by supporting us in prayer or interning with us.