October 7, 2017 1 min to read

More of God

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We had a few new children come to Life Church this past week from our Feeding Program.

Now this is really exciting because it allows us additional opportunity to pour into their lives. Steve, Angelo, and Patrick are hungry for more of God. We watched the story of “Jonah and the Whale.” After it was finished, we started a discussion. I asked the children if they hear God’s voice. They all said that they did. So then I asked what ways God speaks to them. Angelo, the oldest, at 12, said that God has spoken to him when he has wanted to steal money or cellphones. He said that God would tell him, “Don’t do that. It isn’t yours. It doesn’t belong to you”. So I encouraged him that God was using Angelo’s conscience to speak to him. Then I shared how God uses tons of different ways to speak to us.

Our time was nearly up and I asked the children if they have ever felt God’s presence or Holy Spirit. They looked interested but were too shy to answer. I asked if they would like to feel God’s presence. They smiled and said yes. So we all invited God to come. God started to touch the children in such sweet ways. We were getting ready to dismiss when I noticed Angelo was bent over in his seat. He took a few moments and finally lifted his head. I asked him if he was okay and wiping some tears away, he replied, “I just want to feel more of God.”

he replied, “I just want to feel more of God.”

I am really excited to teach the children how to connect with God and hear His voice.

God is already beginning to move powerfully through our Life Church Feeding Program! Are you interested in Sponsoring a Child?

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