March 16, 2011 2 min to read

Move Me

Category : Teaching

What moves you? A song? A painting? A beautiful sunset? A book? A movie? A dance? Why do you think our Creator made us so creative? We were created to be like Him. We were created in His image. He is so wonderfully and uniquely creative. Why do we feel the need to be like someone else? Why do we idolize others? Granted, it is in the very nature of our being to worship, but worship of anyone or anything other than our Creator is idolatry.

Some of are only moved by fear. What a miserable existence! Trust me, I know! I’ve been there. I hate being moved and or motivated by the “what if’s” or “what will happen if…” or “I’d better do this, or else….” This is not living! God has so much more for us! He wants us to be MOVED by LOVE! He desires for us to be deeply expressive in and through our creativity! The church as a whole, by in large, has for too long, stifled creativity and uniqueness; All in the name of “safety”…. fear really. We always try to control what we fear or do not understand.

Well I say, it’s time to “throw caution to the wind!” Let’s raise the “sails” of our creativity, catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and learn to soar with Him! It’s time for the beauty of His bride to arise and shine! A bride does not put on her wedding gown and stay in her room. A beautiful bride is adorned and arrayed in splendor to be SEEN, not to be hidden! It’s time for the church to come out of the bridal chambers and walk down the isle as the whole world watches; for ALL to see her in her beauty and glory! Let the world see the creativity of it’s Creator! He made each of us in His image and likeness. Let’s be MOVED by love. Let’s be moved to dance, to paint, to sing, to write! There is NO shortage or lack on His end. He is infinite! Let’s tap into heaven and bring it to earth in all of it’s beauty!

God let your creativity and beauty arise in me! Let it shine through me! Let me be moved by Love. Let me be motivated by Love. Let all who see the radiance of Your beauty in me be captivated by You! You are the desire of every heart! Let the creativity of my heart beat with yours! Let us co-labor, co-create, and in doing so, co-love this world you died for!

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