Pray For Us

Prayer is one of the most valuable things that anyone can do to help support us in our ministry and work here in the Philippines, and the best part is it’s free! We are actively looking for people who are willing to partner with us and commit to pray for us and our ministry. If that is you, I would like to say “Thank You” in advance for your heart to serve the Lord in this powerful way!

Here are some specific areas that you can join your faith with ours to declare and petition the Lord for:

Josh, Brandie, Joshua Jr. & Jonathan Wilson:

  1. Divine protection over our body, soul and spirit
  2. Health, strength, wisdom, joy, peace, patience, grace
  3. A thriving Godly marriage, full of His presence
  4. Protection and grace for our children as they grow in the Lord and grow up in a third world country as missionary kids
  5. More Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to join with them in their journey

Our Ministry:

  1. Exposure/Awareness – That more people would become aware of the work we are doing here in the Philippines and partner with us.
  2. Fully Funded – We are believing that our work and ministry and even the dreams God has placed in our hearts would never be limited by finances or natural resources because we serve the God of all creation who is our provider!
  3. People – Nothing that the Lord has set in our hearts can be accomplished without people. But we don’t just want people, we want the right people, the ones God has chosen. There is nothing better than seeing God open doors through divine appointments and connections.
  4. Supporters Increase in every way for those who support us and have partnered with us in our ministry, and for more monthly supporters.
  5. Local Team and Leaders that they would stay the course, remain faithful, committed, passionate in their love for Jesus and for the lost.
  6. The Country of the Philippines – This nation was born to release the greatest worldwide revival the earth has ever seen! In order for this to happen the mindset and spirit of poverty must be broken over the nation. The nation must prosper so they people will prosper!
  7. Filipinos – Pray for the heart of the Filipinos to burn with passion for Jesus and for revival. Pray for hunger of God to be birthed inside of them. That they would see their value in the eyes of God and begin to dream again as a people and as a nation!
  8. Life Church  – Pray for our local church body of believers in the Philippines. That the church would continue to grow in depth, people, finances, leaders, worship team members. Pray for the lost to be found and discipled and raised up to lead.
  9. Resources – God doesn’t need money to accomplish anything. Pray for people to donate resources to our ministry including but not limited to: Houses, Vehicles, Land, Buildings, Facilities, Expertise, Instruments, and Equipment!
  10. Davao School of Supernatural Ministry – One of the Four Key Areas of ministry that the Lord has placed in our hearts. Pray for all aspects of this as we lay a foundation and begin the process of planting this school of ministry.

Let us know you are praying for us!