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Short-term Trips

One of the ways you can support our work here in the Philippines and be a part of the ministry we are doing here is to come for a short-term trip or bring a team for a ministry trip. It is a great way to ignite your heart for missions. Our first trip to the Philippines was in 2010. After just two short weeks, we fell in love – with the people, the culture, the nation. We were ruined. Our hearts began to burn for what God has planned for this country! It forever changed the course of our life! We are here today because of a two-week short-term trip. As full-time missionaries living here, short-term trips are both a blessing and a curse. We love to host the nations and help people be exposed to what God is doing here. On the flip-side, it requires a ton of time, energy, resources, administration and money to host a team. In some ways, this can place an additional burden on us on top of what we already deal with. Please keep this in mind when planning a trip. A couple great things about visiting the Philippines is that you can stay for up to 30 days without a visa. There are no required immunizations for this country and most of the people speak or at least understand English. Lastly, bring your swimsuit! In addition to ministry, we always make sure you have an opportunity to have some fun and enjoy the islands or the beach. We look forward to hearing from you!


For those of you looking for an even greater adventure, you may consider staying here longer and working as an intern with our ministry. It is a great opportunity for those who are considering to be full-time missionaries or those who want to broaden their ministry experience. As an intern for Love International, you will have the opportunity to assist in all aspects of missionary and church leadership including worship, teaching, healing, outreach, admin, project planning & coordinating, media, leadership development, training and equipping, prayer & intercession, creative arts. For example, one upcoming project, in particular, is the “Banquet of Love” designed to bless and minister to those trapped in sex-slavery and/or prostitution. During your time here you will be exposed to much more of the culture, day-to-day life, and challenges of living in a foreign country. You will see what it is like to be away from friends and family for an extended period of time. You may wish to stay for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more! You will be personally mentored and empowered by Josh & Brandie, with lots of hands-on experience in various aspects of ministry. Be prepared to experience God’s love and manifest presence like never before. And be prepared to get your hands (and feet, and everything else) dirty! 🙂 If you love what God is doing through our ministry here and feel called to be a part of it on a bigger scale, please pray about becoming an intern for Love International. We look forward to hearing from you!