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Take Jesus to Dinner

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One evening our entire team went to dinner at a restaurant; …and we took Jesus with us!

We were having a good time enjoying each other’s company and catching up on what God had been doing on our trip so far. The place was packed full of patrons. One of our team members felt led to give an invitation for anyone who had pain in their body and might need healing. One person responded and was healed. Then we gave the testimony of that person’s healing and several more people responded and wanted prayer. Some of our team began moving throughout the restaurant, squeezing around tables and chairs praying for people. It was so awesome to see people getting healed, saved, and touched all over that place! I managed to get a few pictures, and I asked some of our team to share what they saw God do. There were so many people touched! Here are just a few of the things that we know of that happened:

 Otto – “I prayed with Troy for a man’s elbow that was injured during motorcycle accident. First time, nothing happened. Second time, the pain left. He kept testing it out & smiling! Praise the Lord!”

photo (3)

Christian – “I got to pray for a lady who had been having back pain. After prayer she was shocked because all the pain actually left. She couldn’t believe it. Her husband was next to her, so I asked him if he had pain. He had pain in his knee and his back. Prayed for him, all the pain left. It was awesome. After praying for them, I saw Mikkel and Lindsay praying for another guy with back pain. He got completely healed. Turns out he was the manager of the restaurant. Come on, Jesus!”

 “There were two hostess at the entrance and asked if they needed healing. Standing there for a very long time, their feet were hurting. Nicco came and started praying with me. Prayed for them a couple of times and the pain was leaving. While praying for them, the lady I prayed for earlier was outside talking on the phone with her sister. She came in and asked if I could talk to her sister and pray for her. She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for sometime. I remembered during the Leaders Advance 3 testimonies of wombs opening up. I believe it was Sharon who had the word and a painting as well. So I found her and asked her if she could pray for her over the phone. All the pain in abdominal area that she’s been having completely went away! Nicco came to me later and told me that the two hostess got completely healed.”

photo (4)

Sharon – “A girl I prayed for was having really bad pain in her chest and it all left. And then her Aunt got healed over the phone from stomach pain”

Justyn – “The bartender got healed of a bad shoulder.”

Laura – “First the lady at the table next to us got relieved of depression. Everyone could see how her face changed. That made the lady next to me ask if her husband could be healed too. “Yes!” So a group went down to the lower level and prayed for Tino who had many things wrong including hypertension. We prayed for him (no noticeable change since it’s all internal). Then a lady on the other side of the restaurant: she got prayer for panic attacks, marriage problems…and received Christ! (that was with Troy, Theresa, Otto and I.) Girl in the bathroom got healed of breast pain (Sharon and I) and her dad had earlier gotten prayer for back pain and was healed (not sure who prayed for him…)”

photo (2)

So this is what happens when you take Jesus to dinner… I think He likes it!

Hopefully you can see and feel the joy and the presence of God in these photos!

There were many more, but the moral of the story is this: Wherever you go, whatever you do, take Jesus with you! He wants to be involved in every area of your life!

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    Replydustin ekstrom June 1, 2013

    Hey Josh and brandie, this is cool.i love it when God heals people.I hope all is well.I speak blessing over your ministry.I just got finished with some people from search and rescue.God is going to do amazing things here.I hope all is well.God bless and love you both. Your bro in Christ, Dustin