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The (impossible) Journey – Part II

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(Click here to read Part I) When we arrived at the tribe, we were greeted by bright eyed, beautiful children who stared at us like we were from another planet. They were very curious and observant, watching our every move. They had never seen white people before or blonde hair. Soon a crowd of curious children gathered to watch. We would smile and wave, they would smile back and hide. My favorite part was chasing them around. Just the slightest flinch and the entire crowd of children would scatter and disperse like a flock of birds!


We met our host family. They insisted, of course, that we take the nicest of their “accommodations” which was a bamboo floor. They were all too happy to give up their sleeping quarters. They then proceeded to offer us one of their chickens for dinner. We had brought food with us. As much as we wanted to, we could not refuse their hospitality, as it would be considered rude or an insult in their culture. We were so humbled by their generosity. We just stood in awe of their kindness and their love. We came to help and serve them, we came to give to them, but they continually gave to us and blessed us so much! As the team and doctors began to set-up for the medical portion of the trip, diagnosing, giving prescriptions, dispensing medications, pulling teeth, we were looking for those whom God wanted to touch and to heal. We were debating whether we should pray them before or after they saw the doctor, haha. It was all pretty chaotic as the people we very excited to get the much needed free medical care. We found an older man standing in line to get his medication. He had blindness in one eye and his other eye had double vision and was very cloudy. We prayed for him and the double vision and cloudiness left and he could see clearly out of that eye! Thank you Jesus!!

As the days went on we had many opportunities to see God’s love invade these people’s hearts and lives. Here’s a couple of highlights: Girl1

We got to preach on Sunday and see God release His goodness and love.
We prayed and prophesied over a tribal chief from another nearby village.
Because of your support, we were able to give much needed backpacks and school supplies to the all the children.
A woman’s blind eye was partially healed. She went from seeing nothing at all to seeing light & shadows.
Jesus delivered a young girl from demon of rage / anger through an incredible encounter with Him. It was so beautiful.
We spent some time loving and praying with an older couple. The wife was healed of deafness in both ears & blindness in one eye! She could hear a whisper and see a small green coffee bean on a tree outside her house! The husband was bedridden and very weak. He had a tree fall on him and it injured his hip. He had not been able to move or straighten his leg for over four months. After visiting his house over a two day period, Jesus healed him completely! All the pain was gone and he had full mobility restored to his leg! God is so good!! The atmosphere of their home went from despair and sadness to hope, joy, and peace!

We were so blessed to be able to spend time bonding with and imparting to a few members of our team, showing them that nothing is impossible with God. We spent time talking with our host family though interpreters. We asked each one what their dream was for their tribe. We asked them what their dreams are. We listened as each one shared their hopes and dreams with us. When we got to the grandmother, she began to cry and weep. She told us that she was so so thankful that we had come and blessed her village. She said that she was so happy that she just wanted to dance for joy. She said that her dream is that we would return to their village someday. Brandie and I were so undone, filled with God’s love and joy.

(more to come)

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    ReplyJosh G September 8, 2013

    Awesome you guys!! Love you!

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    ReplyKasey Littlejohns September 19, 2013

    Powerful:) PTL!! Keeping you in our prayers as you continue to minister.