September 4, 2022 2 min to read

The Last Frontier to a New Frontier

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Alaska has been a huge blessing to us! We are forever grateful and feel like Alaska will always be a home for us. We came back exhausted and depleted from the mission field, and our Bridge of Hope Church family came along to strengthen us, cover us, and give us a very much needed rest. You gave us a place to call home and a family. Thank you!

In December of 2019, on our way from the Philippines to Alaska, we ‘randomly’ went to visit some of our missionary co-laborers and friends in Tennessee. We had an opportunity to engage with the community/movement they are a part of there at The Altar Fellowship. We were taken back, and felt a really strong connection to what God is doing there and have felt drawn there ever since.

Recently we’ve been asking and waiting for direction from God as to what is next for our family. On Sunday, July 31st, we were talking about if/when we were supposed to go to Tennessee, and what that might look like. Then, during worship God told Josh to look up a website on the Pathfinder Institute, a Church Planting School hosted by The Altar Fellowship. When he opened the website he saw that the deadline for the school application was that Sunday, July 31st! We knew this wasn’t just ‘coincidence.’ So we felt like the Lord wanted us to apply, so we did. They only accept 5 families per year.  A few days later we got the news that we were accepted!

The school starts in September. Suddenly, everything just got real! So… We will be leaving at the end of August to attend The Pathfinder Institute in Johnson City, TN. We will be spending the next 9-10 months learning, growing, serving and interning under many powerful leaders. This move is a step out of our comfort zone and huge leap of faith for us. As you may know, moving from Alaska is no small move. It’s about a 5,000 mile journey! As missionaries, God often calls us to new places and this can be challenging, but we always give Him our “Yes”. We truly value our relationship with you and we would love to stay connected with you.

Would you partner with us in prayer?  Would you consider supporting us financially on this journey with a one time or recurring monthly gift? The cost of the school is $6,000, and our monthly expenses are about $4,000 per month. Thank you for being on this faith journey with us. Click here or the link below to give. All gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you for your love and support.

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