August 4, 2009 1 min to read

The Power of Faith

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Some say faith has enormous power. A better way would be to say faith has the ability to connect us to/with enormous power. Faith is like water in a pool. Put your hand in the water on one end of the pool and nothing will happen, but throw some power (a plugged in hair dryer for example) in on the other end of the pool and you WILL feel the effect! Faith in and of itself is powerless. It is the object of your faith that matters. It is the object of your faith that contains the power. Who or what is your source of power?

I can have faith in the microwave, and believe that it has the power to heal my body or take me to heaven when I die, but this simply is not true. No matter how much faith I have, or how strong my faith is… It does not matter. It will not heal me. It will not save me. The microwave is powerless to do these things. It will, however, cook a good bag of popcorn. So too, those who put their hope, their trust, their faith in anything but Jesus Christ (the one from the Bible) will be sadly disappointed. There are those who have put their faith in homes or possessions or money or friends or false gods that look a lot like Jesus, but all of which are powerless to save them from sin and death. Like the microwave, the enemy does have some power. He may be able to cook a good bag of popcorn, but he cannot ultimately save us.

So where does our hope lie? It lies in Him alone. “I lift my eyes up to the hills. Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” He alone has the power to truly save, heal, and deliver. Through faith, He has the power to move mountains. He has the power to raise the dead, heal the sick, set the captives free.

God I believe… Help my unbelief. God fill me with you. Give me the faith of a mustard seed and allow me to connect and plug in to an Awesome, Holy, Powerful God, You.

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