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Uprising, Feeding, & Training

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Uprising, Feeding & Training!

The Lord is blessing our work here and we are moving a few steps closer to fulfilling the full vision He has given us. One of our ultimate goals is to build a BSSM type training center that will equip people to release God’s Kingdom, His Goodness and His Love to the ends of the earth. When we first came to the Philippines in 2013, the Lord showed us Four Key Areas that we are to establish here:


Safe House
Training Center


Life Church Feeding Program

In addition to starting Life Church Davao and Destiny House, we have now officially launched our Life Church Feeding Program! We are really excited about this opportunity to serve our communities and serve the ‘least of these.’ The Philippines is a third-world nation, and there are many children here who are truly in need. Right now we have taken a step of faith and we are feeding these children out of our own pocket because we believe in what God is going to do! However, we really don’t have the money to do this. So we are looking for people who would sponsor a child to help feed them and help them grow in the Lord. Here is an amazing short blog about one of our very first feedings that we did. And here is a great testimony from child who came to our Life Church “Kingdom Kidz” Program the following Sunday wanting more of God!

So we are now accomplishing three out of the four key areas that the Lord has given us. Lastly, we have now begun to lay the groundwork for our Supernatural Life Training Center! More about that soon.

More exciting news!

Lots of incredible things are happening this month! Soon Life Church will be hosting a two day Healing Outreach Crusade on October 23 & 24 at a covered court here in Davao City. So we are believing for a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God! Also, we will be launching our new Youth and Young Adults Program at our church called “Now Generation” on October 27th! Please keep these events in your prayers!

 Vehicle Update!

Many times we are unable to travel due to vehicle problems and the unreliability of our car. Recently our car flooded during a heavy rain. After we pushed the car out of the floodwater, the car’s transmission was not working. Then the battery died and it would not start! Our vehicle is used constantly for both personal and ministry use. So we are believing the Lord for two new vehicles. One for our personal use and a vehicle for ministry use.

God has been growing our church, our leadership team, and our worship team. Please pray that it continues to grow! One of our goals is to be able to have enough people on our Life Church teams so that we can take ministry teams out to do outreach and visit and minister at churches around the Philippines. The Lord has given us several words about traveling around the Philippines and starting fires of revival that will grow and increase throughout the nation! We have been traveling with our team more lately, but we really need to have a ministry vehicle. This is the type of multipurpose vehicle we are looking to buy. It can carry both passengers and equipment. This vehicle will be used to transport children to Life Church for the Feeding Program, for Ministry Trips, Outreach Crusades & Missions, and for Business Opportunities for those living at Destiny House. Recently our team was invited to do outreach/crusade in a town about 3 hours from our city. Each time we have to rent a van, due to problems with our vehicle, and this is very expensive.  

Would you consider giving towards our new vehicle fund?


Uprising Philippines was absolutely incredible! God did something huge in our hearts and in the heart of the Nation! We were honored to lead worship for this “Nation Changing” event! The tagline for the event was “Alab ng puso” which means “Burning Heart!” On one particular night I wrote this:

“Tonight I felt the burning heart of the Philippines! This nation burns for Jesus and burns for revival! And ever more now this nation burns in MY HEART! As we began to pray for the nation of the Philippines, I could not contain the passion that burns in me as I felt the heart of God for this nation! I could not stop weeping. I got so wrecked tonight realizing even more that God has put us here for such a time as this! We are in the very heart of the greatest global revival that the world will ever see! It has begun. This is the time. This is the place. These are His burning ones! Like flaming arrows to be sent out, they will carry the fire of revival to the ends of the earth! And we… have the high honor and privilege to be a Father and Mother to this generation of world changers! To see them surpass us in every way! For the glory of the Name of Jesus!” ~ Josh Wilson

Destiny House Update

Also, we have resumed our weekly Destiny House Worship Nights on Thursday nights. The goal of these weekly times of worship is to simply host His presence and create and atmosphere of worship and glory! It is our desire that people will be healed, set free and restored when they enter Destiny House! Last week, we had a girl who visited our Destiny House Worship Night for the first time. We had a time of soaking in the Lord’s presence. As a result of this, the Lord set her free from trauma! This week, one young man encountered the goodness of God and experienced the Father’s love over him in a powerful way! It’s important to note that in the Filipino culture, anytime people come over to your house, you must feed them! So in addition to feeding those who live at Destiny House, we have been providing snacks and meals for a lot of people 4-5 times per week, both at church and at home!

NEW Website is Almost Complete!

Please take a moment and browse through the pages of loveintl.org to get to know more about our ministry. One of the great ways that you can support our work here in the Philippines is to Partner With Us In Prayer! One particular are we are excited about is that we have created a page on our website with some specific prayer points that you can believe with us for!

Thank you for being a part of the greatest worldwide revival our planet has ever seen! I hope that you are celebrating with us all the wonderful things that God is doing through your prayers and support and through Love International! Send us a message and let us know that you are with us on this journey!

 In His Presence, 
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